Sherlock Holmes The Hound of Baskervilles Fanfiction

Dr. Stapelton’s Research on the expansion of luminescence in other creatures


Day 1: I’ve been doing research on the ability of species to emit light from their bodies for years now and I think I’ve finally created the perfect chemical to transfer those abilities to humans. But before that can begin, I have to first test it on an animal. I’ve decided to use a rabbit as the test subject, I thought of using out dog, but my daughter would not have liked that. I’ve gathered two rabbits I named the rabbits test subject “A” and “B” respectively. Test subject “A” was give the chemical serum, while “B” wasn’t, so that I would be able to better understand the chemical.

Day 2: So far so good, the only problem is my daughter has found the rabbits and decided to name one of them Bluebell, test subject “A”. I just hope that nothing goes wrong. So far I haven’t seen any changes in the behavior of the rabbit.

Day 3: Test subject “A”, Bluebell, has begun to show slight changes. She has begun to be more territorial not allowing test subject “B” anywhere near her and has begun eating more and more. Last night, I was pretty sure I Saw her paws glow, but I can’t be certain.

Day 4: Test subject “B” is missing, I’m not entirely sure what happened to it. Also, Bluebell wasn’t in her cage last night, when I went to go check on her she had gotten into her food and had eaten the entire bag. She has also begun to glow more.

Day 5: Still no sign of test subject “B” I believe he has escaped. Also, I’ve noticed our dog seems to have developed a fear of Bluebell, he won’t even enter the room with her in her cage.

Day 6: Last night I woke up to Bluebell glowing, out of her cage again, and attacking the dog. This time the bars were eaten through.

Day 7: Last night, because Bluebell destroyed her cage, I had to put her in the hutch outside, but when I went to check on her this morning she was gone. I have no idea where she ran off to, but I fear that Bluebell has become a danger to other creatures.

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